Legal Division


  • Prepare draft orders as per minutes/directions of the PDCU.
  • Assist the Provincial Quality Control Board (PQCB) or District Quality Control Board (DQCB) on legal issues/matters.
  • Collect and maintain copies of writ petitions filed against the orders of the PDCU.
  • Prepare & submit report & para-wise comments in relevant writ petitions on behalf of the PQCB/ DQCB/ Government / PDCU.
  • Appear before court of law, follow up the cases and defend the stance of PQCB/ DQCB/ Government/ PDCU.
  • Correspondence with the Drug Inspectors in case of any legal flaws/deficiency, intimate the same to the concerned drug inspectors & get it rectified.
  • Training of Drug Inspectors regarding investigation methodology, preparation of cases, registration of criminal case against accused persons and relevant laws involved.
  • Deal with matters pertaining to the drug courts.
  • Prepare and file appeals/writ petitions on behalf of Board in case of acquittals or any decision of court against PDCU
  • Deal with all legal matters related to procurement of Medicines and Biomedical equipment.
  • To evaluate the performance of Drug Courts.
  • Maintain record of judgements /case laws that support PDCU in particular and overall as well.