Pharmacy Pharmacovigilance Division

Report a Therapeutic Good Related Problem

Why Report an Adverse Drug Reaction?

Reporting of Therapeutic Good Related Problems is central to development of database of drug reactions, adverse drug events. It is also necessary for drug recalls and prompt therapeutic or managerial actions to be taken against specific adverse drug events. Collected data can be represented and used for policy decisions and future planning.

Who can Report?

Owing to low literacy level in Pakistan, The use of this reporting system is only encouraged at health professional level. All healthcare professionals; Physicians, Surgeons, Dentists, Pharmacists, Nurses etc. are encouraged to participate in this spontaneous reporting system.

What to report?

You may report any issues associated with a therapeutic good (Allopathic, Alternative, herbal medicines or nutrition health product, cosmetic product etc.). Reporter is required to include complete and accurate information and essentially his/her contact number for further clarification or directions. All related evidences must be scanned and sent to the Provincial Pharmacovigilance Center via provided e-mail.

Functions of Pharmacy & Pharmacovigilance Division:

  • Develop / Review an essential drugs list depending upon Specialities/ Departments and in accordance with the need of respective hospital.
  • Responsible to develop SOP’s and training to pharmacist working in hospitals.
  • To ensure good storage practices are implemented at hospital level and medicines are dispensed to patients while observing the drug interactions.
  • To analyse the claim of patients for medical reimbursement.
  • Responsible for day-to-day processing of incoming adverse event reports and reporting to the concerned quarters, with the objective of achieving a high level of regulatory compliance.
  • Ensure that all pharmacovigilance activities are conducted in accordance with laid down SOP's, instructions, good clinical practice guidelines and regulatory requirements.
  • Provide Unit-wide quality assurance activities aimed at monitoring and improving regulatory compliance for both clinical research and pharmacovigilance.
  • Respond to all medical and technical enquiries accurately and in accordance with current opinion/knowledge, and the published literature.
  • Act appropriately to safeguard the interests of patients and health-care professionals while complying with legal/regulatory requirements concerning adverse event monitoring and reporting.