PMU Provincial DRAP


  • Ensure availability of the safe, efficacious, effective and quality drugs in the Province.
  • Enforcement of activities and its management under the DRAP Act 2012, Drug Act 1976 and rules framed there under.
  • Advice government for the laws that are applicable to the province and assist in laying down regulatory measures, amendments to Acts and Rules.
  • Issuance / Cancellation of Licenses and Management of Pharmacies/ Medical store/ Distribution setups
  • Control and Management of Quality Control Laboratories in accordance to DRAP Act 2012, Drug Act 1976 and rules framed there under.
  • Work with other provincial or federal governments for harmonization.
  • Guidance on technical matters & develop the manual, guidelines and reference material to enhance and facilitate stake holders.
  • Responsible for sale and distribution licensing, inspections, sampling and testing and overall quality control of medicinal products (including investigating violations and launching prosecutions).
  • Laying down standards of drugs, cosmetics, diagnostics and devices.
  • Engage any individual or organization for international opportunities for the purpose of training, education, conferences, seminars in order to improve capacity building.
  • Monitoring adverse drug reactions.
  • Recall of sub-standard drugs.
  • To facilitate clinical research.
  • Develop capacity to function as an independent Provincial Drug Regulatory Authority.